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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

linkdiagnosis - Free Backlink Tool

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Monday, April 1, 2013

5 Easy Steps To More Twitter Followers

Follow these 5 Easy Steps to Increase Your Twitter Following

1. Twitter Profile
It is very important to have a good Twitter profile bio. Most people read the twitter profile bio when making a decision whether to follow or not follow that person. Twitter gives you 160 characters to use for your bio, so make use of them all to describe yourself. Use a few critical keywords that describe you and your interests. Be sure to add your
website/blog url, this will drive traffic to your site and also helps the twitter user to decide to follow you.   Upload a good headshot picture or Icon picture. Don’t use the twitter default egg picture, most people won’t follow you. 

2.  Start Following People  Just about anyone who uses twitter knows about this tip.  Find gurus in your niche and follow their followers.    I am looking for targeted followers, so what I do is click on their followers list and do a fast scan of their followers, I look at their profile, how many tweets, and how many followers they have.  I am looking for people with profiles that are related to my niche, people who tweet often, and people with 100 or more followers.
3. Tweet Often
Tweet often and increase your exposure to other twitter users. Your tweets will show up on the twitter public time line, so the more you tweet the more people will find your tweets

and increase your chance of getting more followers on twitter. People like to follow active twitters, so by tweeting often you will get you more twitter followers and help you keep
your current followers.

4.  Tweet pictures  
People enjoy seeing pictures.  Pictures are very popular on twitter and tend to get retweeted often.  When your picture is retweeted it increases your visibility on twitter and will

increase your following.  When you tweet a picture ask your followers to retweet it.

5.  Twitter Directories 
Twitter users search directories to find twitter users with similar interest.   So it is important to be listed in the top directories.  Also use the directories to find like mined people to

follow.  You know how it goes.  The more people you follow the more followers you will get. 

I hope you find these suggestions helpful.  Please add tips to this list in the comment section.

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