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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Easily Increase your Blog Traffic

Easily Increase your Blog Traffic!

Sharing your blog post more than once on social media sites can greatly increase traffic.  

Many bloggers only share their posts on social media once and forget about it.
If you only share your post once only a small percentage of your followers will see it; especially on twitter.  So the more you share the more people will see it and hopefully visit your blog.

I recommend sharing your blog post at least 3 times. .  Be sure to change your social share title each time you share.  

Don’t turn into a spammer.  Space out your re-shares, post a share in the morning then wait a day and post a share in the after noon, wait a day and post at night.  This way you cover different time zones, and you don’t look like a spammer.

Here’s another tip; share your old blog posts to increase your blog traffic.  Just like re-sharing your new content sharing old content will increase your blog post views.  So go back through your blog and re-share your best posts.  

Hope you find these tips useful.  If you would like to share your ideals on increasing blog traffic please leave a comment.

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